Causalities of Errata

To preface the rest of this article, I am aware that I am upset right now.  I try not to write when I am like this, however the BSides drama has already caused a potential sponsor to back out.  This might leave me and some others with large bills to pay.  I know that God provides, but I am disappointed with the decisions of others.

Also to be clear, I don’t want to be involved with any of the shenanigans in this.  I don’t want the local BSides conference we are organizing to be involved in this.  But we already are– so I am weighing in publicly.  First and foremost– I don’t know who is right or wrong in all of this.  The issues presented, to me, come across as personal problems with a few people.  That doesn’t mean there isn’t some truth to the errata article, but it also doesn’t make MikeD a charlatan because he isn’t “open minded” and won’t reply to someone’s email.  There are some legitimate concerns about non-profit status and transparency, but there are mountains and there are mole hills– this is a mole hill.

The way the evidence has been presented is irresponsible.  There are better ways to have brought these concerns up that would have been less damaging.  If mommy and daddy need to fight, they should do it in private and not in front of the kiddos.  The public fashion this was done in has already negatively impacted these conferences– despite the reality that this could all just be a misunderstanding.

All that said, I want to offer some assurances to our sponsors and everyone as a whole.  First as foremost, we intend to make no money off of the local BSides Phoenix event.  Money is being collected through my personal company mostly as a legal shield.  I am willing to disclose, upon request, all of the funding details and receipts of expenses.  These are already being communicated internally to the group.

In the case that any extra money is left over (which at this point is seemingly less likely)– the remaining balance will be donated to a charity such as EFF or Hackers for Charity.  That will also be made public upon request.

I am not asking you to trust BSides, I am asking you to trust me.  This event is to be for the local community’s benefit.  Please don’t let this drama detract you from supporting us in our project to do so.


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