Severus Snape – RIP

As the Harry Potter movies come to an end, I am struck with a sense of just general disappointment. Don’t get me wrong, the movies were fantastic creations for what they were. I would even go as far as to say one of the best series made, especially for as many. But that said– the last 2 movies underlined how different they were from the series. If you’ve not read the books, you’ve missed out on great things.

It makes sense to me that the needs of a movie and the needs of a book take two shapes. But giving Snape 15 minutes of explanation grossly misses the point.  He was as important an character as Dumbledore, braver than Potter, and in my opinion, the most relatable in the series.

I’ve never been the “chosen one”– nor have I ever been friends with one. I’ve not had to physically battle against a rising super villian either. My parents weren’t killed in tragedy, nor were they death eaters who raised me spoiled. I have however, been in love– and I’ve been crushed by it too. I’ve run away to dark places in life– and I was redeemed and saved.  Also by love. Snape, however, is the poster boy of that story. The love of his youth, no, of his entire life– fell for another. To add insult to injury to his rival as well. In his grief he fled. But, in their death, Snape took on the task of protecting the child born to them. A task which would ask him to kill his best friend, to be publicly shame, to spy on the most dangerous person in the world, and then eventually die for it.

Snape is the anti-hero of this series. He is the man who doesn’t dazel. The monsters he faced were inside, and though he was never free of them– he faced them. I mean think of it, most of us would run away. We’d not want to face the humility of being in a job less than our skills. We’d not want to take part in the raising of the boy of the man who stole your love from you. You’d likely never want to step foot in hogwarts at all. Most of us run away from things lesser things like this, every, single, day. But not Snape. Snape triumphed in the places that scared him.

His character in the books was so much more than that of the series. Numerous times in the books has he personally saved and helped Potter and crew.  He killed his dearest friend, out of mercy, despite the hardships he would come to endure because of it.  During the time as headmaster, he worked to keep the children safe– though most hated him for it. He continued to support Potter– and guided him (at great personal risk) in his journey. He saved many lives, and acted as pivotal part of the downfall of voldomort. Snape is worth more than 15 minutes– he is at the heart of the series itself.

To this I conclude,

The world may not fall in love with a man like Severus Snape, but it surely needs more made of his quality. Who, in love, endured and lived for the sake of others despite all the hardships that come along with it.  I hope that in your death you are found whole, and in life you are remembered for the hero you are. Though but only a character in a book and movie– you will always remain in my heart as one of the best even written.

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