Defcon Christian Hackers Event

I have been working on and praying about a simple idea for the last few months– Christian Hackers Fellowship at Defcon.

Christian hackers have been a huge influence on me.  About 5 years ago now, I returned to church after years of being lost.  Even more recently, I started to work professionally as a security penetration tester.  The very last place I expected to find strong, Biblical christians was in this in this field– however I’ve found God likes to show you your own bias.  Through organizations such as “Hackers for Charity” I have met many good friends, and even some help finding a church when I move.  The support and friendship of these people has been a blessing.

So– I wanted to capture that idea of getting to know each other, and put it into action.  We need each other.

So why not grab some food together and fellowship?  See the below page for more details.

Defcon Fellowship

Please join us.

One thought on “Defcon Christian Hackers Event

  1. I am also a christian, love programming, hacking, software development (specially opensource) i believe this system the world lives in has a great bug… God its the solution, the love of God its the solution u.u
    i would like to hear from you people 🙂

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