Winds of Change

I wanted to take a brief moment to announce that this is my last week at Neudesic.  My time with the company has been, like most places, a mixture of challenges and successes.  I am happy to have worked for such a talented group of people and I wish them all the best as the company champions forward.

I will still be leading the Phoenix Azure user group, and my good friend Michael Collins will be joining us more regularly to help assist.  I plan to continue being an active part of the .NET and programming community, though I will no longer be programming professionally.

If you need to reach me past this Friday, please contact me via twitter or commenting on this site.  You can also email me at pinvoke [at] doublethunk [dot] org.

So, now what?

Through a whirlwind of circumstance and fate, my dream to live out my passion for security and technology (professionally) has come true.  Starting the 19th of this month I will be working for TrustWave, as a part of their SpiderLabs application security team.

I’m excited for this incredible opportunity to dedicate and focus my career in security.  My new responsibilities will include: auditing source code, (white/black box) testing applications, developer training, and rocking hard.  I believe in all aspects I have lots to learn and lots to give.

I look forward to sharing this walk with everyone. 


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