Fat Off 2010

For those interested in losing weight, as well as community, gangplank has a project for that.  The first ever fat off has officially started this last Saturday.  In essence, it’s about the community losing weight together.  There happens to be some swag involved, but lets face it… everyone’s a winner if we can get healthier.  I think this is a huge opportunity to do that.

That said, anything worth doing is worth doing well.  No one competes to lose.  I weighed in on Friday at 175.8 pounds.  By far, I am the lightest of all men participating.  This puts me at a disadvantage from the weight loss perspective, but I already have a regular schedule of exercise that I can get credit for.

In particular (and in no order) I am actively,

* Boxing at Devil Dog Boxing 3 times a week
* Training in Aikibudo 3-4 times a week
* Training in tennis once a week
* Running 3 times a week

If you are taking the challenge and looking for someone to partner up with on any of the above, drop me a line and lets chat.  The whole point is to really go through this together, so I’d love to do exactly that.

To learn more:


To see my progress:

Chart of participants

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