Going Dark

I’ve always taken the stance that what I do all day and how I do it is really none of anyone else’s business.  The problem is, in the case of facebook, google, and many others… it is.  After recent statements from both Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg (here) and Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt (here), along with other trending privacy invasions all over… it’s become apparent to me that I too need to make a decision.  Do I care about privacy? And if so, how am I being diligent to keep it.

To that end I have decided change the way I use, or in some cases completely part ways with, gmail, google search, tinyurl, facebook, and a variety of other “services” that ultimately undermine my ability to keep my life to myself.

In some cases I will be hosting my own services and keeping them local (encrypted, backed up) and in other cases it will simply result in a change of usage entirely.  Take google search for instance.  A short while ago I was led to: https://ssl.scroogle.org/

Essentially the technology behind this website lets me leverage google’s engine, w/o being tracked by google itself.  Couple that with browser options like private mode and plugins for Firefox such as RequestPolicy I can radically reduce my presence.

If I further decide that I cannot trust even the scroogles of the world, I can still leverage the technology concept itself and write my own version of it to accomplish the same type of privacy.

I think with a little bit of pragmatism and a whole bunch of informed consent, I can make huge differences in keeping my digital signature very small.  I will be blogging about various ways (some I will be using, some I will not be using) for you who read this to consider and take advantage of as well.


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