The gift of giving

Some quick context:

I’ve been hanging around at a place in the valley known as Gangplank lately.  I like to refer to it as a community center for nerds.  Instead of basketball courts we have wifi, monitors, computers and games.  Some companies co-lo their offices here and there is also a bunch of free space for people to come and work/hang/hack.  They also have: a nerdy library, arcade games and the sort, they run user group meetings, brown bags and even a program designed to teach kids how to write code.  I believe this place is one of the best things for the developer community in Phoenix.

The story:

Today Gangplank was having their potluck for the community.  My wife made a whole bunch of food and I stopped in to work, share, and eat.  Additionally I brought some books from home to donate to the library.  I figured hey, I only rarely read these books now… why not let someone else have a chance to read them too?

My wife knows me better than I know myself sometimes.  She told me that, before I could give the books away, I should go through them and pull out my bookmarks.  Sometimes I use receipts and such.  She was 100% right.

In my checking of the books I found an uncashed check that someone had given me that was relatively large.  Had I never donated these books away, I likely wouldn’t have opened these books up for maybe even another year.  Who knows if I would have found the check.

This giving thing really pays off!


(p.s – Merry Christmas.  For those of you of the faith, its one of the most important days in our entire lives.  Christ our savior was born.)

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  • bk  On December 24, 2009 at 1:56 am

    Merry Christmas. Hope the check doesn’t bounce!

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