I have decided to really start pushing myself to writing more code.  To that end, I created a new blog experiment.  Please check it out:  http://nkeiko.wordpress.com

keiko (lower cased on purpose) basically means to practice.  The “n” in front of it comes from porting a concept from one thing into .net.  This is evidenced by nUnit, nAnt, nCover, etc… taken from the Java world.  In this case, keiko is not something generally associated with programming.  Andy Hunt & Dave Thomas introduced the idea of using Kata as a way of code training… but, humbly, I disagree with their usage of the term kata.

The issue I have is that kata is more prearranged than the way they are using it.  That is, kata implies a strict set of techniques which are designed to expose principles of movement.  These techniques are KNOWN entities… not problems left to the individual practitioner to solve.  These techniques are then practiced over and over and over again in order to make permanent the learning.  After time one will come to understand the depth and layers in those movement.  Creative puzzle solving is something else entirely… in the Judo world it’s referred to it as randori.

My goal is a combination of both.  Some projects I am going to work on are just going to be mirroring other code pieces from beginning to end to unravel their mysteries.  An example of that might be to port great code from one language to another, just for fun.  Other projects are going to be creative problem solving.  The combination of both is keiko.

Please join me.


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